Dumb Things Feminists Say 

August 1st, 2014 | R. Rados 


The world of feminism is a strange one. Some of us might see the cause as lost and irrelevant, while others might see it as an essential part of equality. Since women won the right to vote and become CEOs, modern feminism seems to have deteriorated into mindless sophistry. From advocating for free contraception to complaining about "cat calling" and exaggerating the threat of rape, feminism in North America has become a joke that isn't funny enough to repeat.  

Evidence of modern feminism's puerility is everywhere. The best place to find it is on the internet, where everyone with half a brain and a heartbeat can express their grammatically incorrect and profane opinions. 

Let's take a look at just a few examples of that juvenile feminism on display.

How Dare You?!

Innocent compliments have become targets for modern feminists. With nothing much left to complain about, feminists have resorted to demonizing men for calling them gorgeous, pretty, sexy and hot. Next time you think about giving a female friend a compliment, remember that it might make her feel uncomfortable. Just keep your mouth shut and don't try to be a stupid pig. Complimenting a women is no longer appropriate and it could make you an unwitting target for persecution....unless your name is George Clooney. 


For those of you that don't know what the vas deferens is, it's the cord that transports semen from a man's testicles. According to this Twitter user from Washington DC, the uterus has more regulations in America than that little cord. Unfortunately, she never clarified what those regulations might be or how they prevent women from winning elections. 

Aside from some well warranted restrictions on partial-birth abortions that came into effect under the Bush Administration, I can't think of any other intrusive regulations on the uterus since Roe vs. Wade. Besides silly "trigger laws" and laws that force women to wait a period of time or go for counselling before an abortion, not one of the 50 states has the authority to ban the procedure. 


If you're a dirty and inherently depraved male, what you fear most is going to prison and being raped. Apparently, that's what women fear every time they walk down a sidewalk. Our rape culture has become so prevalent that women can't even walk to the grocery store anymore. 

Men Are Destroying The Planet And...

Don't you know? Geez! What's the matter with you?!

Not A Feminist? FRIENDS OFF!

If you don't have an unabashed sense of victimhood or an unmitigated hatred for anything that looks like a penis, you can't be friends with this feminist. Men can be feminists too, so make sure to bring as much self loathing to the table as possible.

Let Natural Selection Weed Out The Evil Men

You heard the lady, don't date anti-feminist men. We threaten the genetic purity of the feminist race and should be slowly weeded out and driven into extinction.


This feminist suggested that stay-at-home wives are the same as people on welfare. Because stay-at-home mothers and wives offer nothing to society, that means their husbands should have to pay more taxes. Or something.

Stop "Mansplaining" Yourself 

Take this feminist's advice and stop trying to "mansplain" yourself when you make a remark that could be construed as misogynistic. If you try, you'll be met with significant "femsplaining" and a lecture about how shameless misandry is an acceptable form of defense against misogyny.