The Year Of White Supremacy

April 1st, 2021 | SP

There are white supremacists everywhere, friends. Do you not see them? Even when they are not murdering people on the streets and terrorizing neighbourhoods, they are responsible for the others who terrorize neighbourhoods and slaughter innocents. Everyone from Muslim men to depraved Atheists, white supremacy is responsible for all of their violent deeds. That, my friends, is the news of the day and denying it makes you a member of this demonic sect of white supremacists.

The white man who murdered Asian massage therapists and two men in Atlanta: white supremacy.

The Syrian Muslim named Ahmad who murdered ten in Boulder, Colorado: white supremacy.

The North Vancouver library stabbing: white supremacy.

The murder of an Indian Uber driver in Washington DC by two black teens: white supremacy.

How do you not see it? Every violent act in 2021 is the result of white supremacy. Even when people of colour are responsible for killing innocents, their actions were forced upon them by the evil and exclusionary practices of our white supremacist society. Even when young white men with no clear racial motives or connections to Nazis commit crime, it is because of our white supremacy or their own underlying racism.

Are you blind?! Do you not see it yet? White supremacy is the root cause of all violence in 2021. Fall in line, you filthy animals—or face the consequences! You will be cast out into the wilderness unless you obey.

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Only hours after the Boulder shooting, Twitter erupted into a spectacle of hysterics about white supremacy. Once the facts were revealed and the shooter's Muslim identity revealed, Twitter announced that any accusations of “white Christian male” that preceded the revelations were not a violation of their rules. Had the reverse happened and the shooter indeed been a white male, accusations of Islamic and terrorist ties would have been quickly removed in violation, as we know.

As a matter of fact, friends, as soon as factual accusations of Islamic ties were tweeted in the Boulder shooting, they were removed under the premise that they violated Twitter's terms of use.

As it was reported by the surprisingly more conservative publication, Newsweek, Twitter had explicitly stated that blaming the Boulder shooting on white Christians was not a violation of its terms:

A tweet describing Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the suspected gunman in Monday's Colorado supermarket shooting, as a "white Christian terrorist" does not violate the social network's misinformation policies, Twitter told Newsweek.

Many Twitter users assumed the shooter was white before his name was released by police in Boulder, Colorado. Several pointed to the massacre as another example of racial injustice and white supremacy in the United States, coming a few days after a white man killed six Asian women in an Atlanta shooting spree.


Newsweek put the misleading posts to Twitter. The social network has been accused of left-wing bias and anti-Christian prejudice in the way it polices speech on its platform.

In January, for example, Twitter locked the account of The Catholic Review, apparently for tweeting an article that described assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Rachel Levine as "a biological man identifying as a transgender woman."

Well done, Newsweek! Perhaps this is a new direction for a publication that has been hemorrhaging money for five years due to a very evident and extreme left-wing slant. We will continue to watch for more reasonable and aggressive journalisming from the publication in the future.

Still Twitter is on about white supremacy being the root cause of the Boulder shooting.

The shooter, we are told, was excluded and expelled from society by white supremacists who had rejected him because of his Muslim faith. All of us, they say, are partly responsible for his actions because of our casual and subconscious racial prejudices. Our white privilege and exclusionary practices are to blame for his actions.

The white shooter in Atlanta, however, had his own subconscious racial dispositions. Sexually frustrated—not by the exclusionary and selective dating practices of modern feminists—but by the white supremacy of our nature as a society, was compelled to act out violently and to seek revenge against Asian women.

Never you mind about the white man named Paul and the Latino man named Elcias who were also targetted and killed by the shooter!

Friends, you should also conveniently force other facts out of your silly little heads, such as the fact that many of Atlanta's spas and discount massage parlors are run by Asian and Chinese immigrants. Never you mind that the shooter, a low income white man, would make the discount parlers and spas a more likely regular attraction than the city's more expensive spas in neighbourhoods like Buckhead or Morningside. (Yes, my friends, I have been to Atlanta)

The shooter had a disgruntled girlfriend and a sex addiction, which he allegedly sought to satisfy at discount rub-and-tugs around Atlanta. Nowhere in his history was there traces of racially driven white supremacy, yet Twitter and Democrat mobs are sure that white supremacy is at the root of his problems.

Police have not identified racism as a motive.

This is much too inconvenient for American Democrats, who must, by obligation, press on with a racial story to keep their base of left-wing radicals enthused about every forthcoming election. In Canada, our Liberals pull their strategies from the same playbook. When a Muslim is the perpetrator, they must find a way to blame white supremacy. When a white man is the perpetrator, very little effort is required to spin the tale. The colour of the attacker's skin offers the only context Liberals and Democrats require to pin any massacre on the evils of white supremacy.

When an attacker is black, they are victims of an exclusionary, sick and evil society that is run and controlled by white supremacists.

Be prepared for this narrative to continue through the year.

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