This Is Why You Are Pro-Choice

June 1st, 2021 | RR

If you stop to think about the politically oppressive terms thrown around and imposed upon us, you'll quickly realize that some words and phrases are designed specifically to polarize us and to trap us into a corner. Being pro-choice doesn't mean what you think it means and being pro-life doesn't mean someone is anti-choice and looking to control women. However, that's exactly what those terms were designed to make you think. They were designed to make the other team look like monsters and for you to look like a fascist asshole for thinking abortion is murder.

If you think abortion is murder, you are not a fascist asshole. In fact, you are very much as pro-choice as the liberals who think you're a fascist. Furthermore, if you support abortion, that doesn't mean you “support a woman's right to choose” unconditionally, or that you're some saintly angel with impeccable virtue. Also—here's the kicker—if you're pro-life, that doesn't mean your opponents are a bunch of anti-life, homicidal maniacs.

People who are pro-life are also pro-choice and people who are pro-choice are not pro-death.

Opposing Abortion Is Still Pro-Choice

When the pro-choice, feminist zealots try to slander you for being an anti-choice sexist and misogynist, you can retort by enlightening them about the choices every woman would continue to have in the absence of abortion. The fact is, you aren't an anti-choice fascist. In fact, you are just as pro-choice and in favour of women's rights as they are.

Just like them, you support a woman's choice to:

-Have sex

-Choose her sexual partner(s)


-Use birth control

-Require her partner to wear a condom

-Get her tubes tied

-Take the morning after pill

-Use her own protection

These are all choices every woman has before she gets pregnant. Aside from rape, there is an array of choices a woman has before conception. To imply that someone who is opposed to abortion is somehow anti-choice is as ludicrous as implying that someone who supports abortion is in favour of killing everyone, or letting people die.

99% of people who identify as pro-life support a woman's right to make any of the eight choices listed above.

The very fact that we've allowed the political class and activist groups to pin these labels on us is astonishing. The fact that some of us have used these labels and terms to disparage our opponents or to elevate ourselves and our own virtue is equally as astonishing, but also kind of gross. The black and white narratives created by such simple terms and phrases are a testament to our primitive, ape-like tendencies to remain tribal.

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No matter the logic, we tend to drift toward a black or white worldview. Such a drift requires an absolute rejection of critical thinking and analysis, or the ability to tune out and ignore the logic and facts that are trying to tell us there is more to the story. We now live in an age of willful blindness, which is why we've chosen to wear masks, lock ourselves down, bankrupt our economy and to destroy what we had left of freedom and prosperity, all because “the experts” said so.

We question nothing, including the political terms that have been pinned on us.

That whole “age of enlightenment” thing that happened in the 1700s is as much a myth as fairies and dragons. I'm almost willing to believe it never happened, or that it was nothing more than a rare blip on the timeline of human civilization. We have always been more prone to fascism, control and emotional outbursts than we have been to freedom, independent thinking and enlightenment. Giving up our freedoms and going on whimsical tirades of oppression seems more natural to humans than liberty and independence.

Hate divides us, but fear controls us.

Letting ourselves be painted a certain colour by an “authority” is easier than resisting and fighting back. Canadians, in particular, have always been keen on just letting things be and letting the “experts” decide the course of our culture and civilization. The fear of being criticized, attacked or ostracized has always prevailed in Canada over free-thinking and rebellion. That's why we sided with the ruling class during the American Revolution.

Now, here we are, suckling the teat of the American Empire anyway, while pretending we actually have a say in the future of our own country.

Too busy picking fights with people who have been labelled as enemies by some bigger authority, we have no idea how to fight back against that authority. We've lost our ability to think freely by the very labels they have given us. We are either white supremacists, or we're virtuous angels. There is no between. We are either pro-life, or we are pro-death and evil. If we are pro-choice, then we have to be in favour of killing an unborn baby whose mother was given a series of choices before deciding she didn't want to be mother after all.

What a time to be alive.

The “pro-choice” label pits one choice against eight other choices. The single choice of having an abortion is preceded by eight other choices that could have been made to prevent a pregnancy. Choosing the right partner, one who can be a good father and provider, is as important as the seven other choices a woman has before conception. To call those who oppose abortion “anti-choice” is straight up ludicrous based solely on the fact that they are only looking to subtract one choice from a series of nine choices.

An anti-abortion advocate is not looking to subtract one choice from the equation just for the sake of it. Their argument stems from a moral position that places a value on human life and the process of conceiving human life. They aren't throwing down a meaningless, whimsical argument for the sake of taking away a woman's right to make choices. If they were, they'd be looking to take away the other eight choices a woman has before becoming pregnant.

"Hate divides us, but fear controls us."

It is true that there are some who do, in fact, want to take away some of the other eight choices. However, those people make up a small minority—but they are often used by the political class to define all members of the pro-life, anti-abortion community in order to serve a certain political agenda. Again, it comes down to being labelled by a higher authority and refusing to fight back or to resist such labels. They paint everyone they disagree with as fringe lunatics, while taking as many small and unsavoury elements they find to smear and disparage an entire group of people as one and the same.

None of this is new, but it's definitely more prevalent than ever before.

You see it with how they portray anti-lockdown protesters as white supremacists, all because one white supremacist showed up to a rally of thousands. The same thing has been happening since The Inquisition, when they tried to root out anyone who didn't fall in line with the authority, or anyone who associated with heretics. In hindsight, it looks like we haven't made any progress. When you compare today to the days of burning witches and killing people who thought the Earth revolved around the Sun, it looks like we haven't moved a single inch toward enlightenment.

In truth, we really haven't. Science was a temporary byproduct of the enlightenment, but it too has been corrupted. Science is no longer a process, it's an institution. If you don't fall in line with everything the bishops in white coats tell you, you are a heretic. If deemed a heretic, you'll be cast out and ostracized. If you resist, you'll be given a label and turned into a pariah. That, as we have come to know, is much worse than being burned at the stake.

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