Volume 45 - October 2015


5 Ways To Protect Our Democracy | J. Hodgson

Have you ever tried to do what Winston Churchill suggested? I have. I used to be a cameraman for broadcast news. Most notably, I shot for Citytv Calgary, but I’ve worked at all the networks apart from CBC. Whenever an election rolled around and the nightly newscast was light on material, the news director would assign us to hit the street and ask random people what concerned them in this election. Cameramen always dreaded this assignment, especially during the... Read


A History Of Bad Polling | D. Stone

To make 2011 even stranger, it was EKOS that first began suggesting an NDP surge in the middle of April. It's important to note that no other polling firm was suggesting an NDP surge until EKOS did first. The first initial EKOS polls in mid-April suggested a Liberal-NDP tie, while Harris-Decima, Nanos, Innovative Research and Abacus all pegged NDP support between 18-22% and Liberal support between 26-28%. By April 24th, the real Orange Crush had started. We can't fully attribute this to EKOS or confirm that EKOS may have single-handedly... Read

pro life

How A Liberal Victory Was Ruined | J. Hodgson

Justin Trudeau embraces, most likely without much deep thinking, the standard progressive orthodoxy of abortion on demand. This is a standard progressive idea and they think it's the default position of any correct thinking individual. What he didn’t realize is that many centrist Liberals don’t automatically agree. Watch this exchange to get a sense of the disconnect between positions amongst party supporters. This change in policy caused a lot of party division and the issue continued for months. But did the general public notice? Does the general public notice anything?... Read


Ralph's Overdue Goodbye | C. Wang

Goodale is a career politician. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating your career to public office, but the consequence of doing so is that you become separated from the people you are supposed to represent. Most people in Regina-Wascana don’t make over $160,000.00 a year (courtesy of taxpayers) in order to work half a year in Ottawa shouting at the Conservatives. Goodale is extremely wealthy and hasn’t spent much time outside of government. It’s time for someone new with some recent real world experience to represent the people of Regina... Read


An Alberta Warning | K. McGregor

The NDP's agenda, if not the same, is very close to the governor of California, Jerry Brown. Brown, like the NDP, is all about tax increases and extreme environmental action. Brown's climate change legislation targets for reducing gasoline usage was 50% by 2020. Luckily, it got shot down this September. This would have meant a 10-30% increase in gasoline prices. This may be fine for the well to do, but for the lower and average working stiff its a big bite out of the pay cheque, if they could even get gas to drive their cars. Can you imagine... Read


Liberal Policy: Forget The Poor | R. Rados

The term middle class is nothing more than a political descriptor. Experts can't agree on what income range determines where the middle class ends or begins. When asked by polling firms, most Canadians self identify as middle class. Political parties do polling and focus groups to divide and segment Canadians into identifiable target groups. The biggest voting group happens to be the middle class. The middle class includes all races, cultures and religions. The middle class descriptor has been engineered to be the most relatable and effective pandering... Read

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