June 1st, 2018 | J. Hodgson

Let Bernier Attack Supply Management

June 13th, 2018 | R. Rados

I voted for Andrew Scheer and jumped off the Bernier bandwagon a long time ago, but Scheer's decision to boot Bernier from the shadow cabinet doesn't get my support. Maxime Bernier proved to be confused about his own principles and vision during the CPC leadership race when he voted for Bill C-16, years after he started describing himself as a libertarian. It's one thing to change your mind over the course of several years, but when you can't even stay coherent and consistent after you've declared yourself a “lover of liberty”, you don't get my support. Maxime Bernier is an imperfect and often flakey excuse for a libertarian, but I can't support Andrew Scheer's decision to remove him from the shadow cabinet over his criticisms of supply management. 

Enough With The Tax Credits

June 1st, 2018 | R. Rados

The Conservative version of identity politics is boutique tax credits. These are special tax credits that only apply to special people, in special places and for special reasons. Bus drivers, mothers, students, farmers raising special kinds of cows, people who ride donkeys to work—anyone who can be broken down and marginalized to the most microscopic sub-class gets a break with boutique tax credits. Conservative tax credits are designed around focus groups that break people down into small samples in order to help Conservative strategists target certain segments of the population. It's an election strategy similar to the ethnic and gender oriented strategies of Liberals and New Democrats. It's an election strategy that has proven effective in the past but is as annoying and discriminatory as anything Trudeau and Singh have to offer.

The Truth About Right-Wing Women

June 1st, 2018 | Liberty 5-3000

I couldn’t hold it in and proceed to refute this claim without losing my mind. I cited the over-representation of Democrats to Republicans teaching in universities (here), talked about how it’s impossible to find a supervisor for an honors or masters unless you plan on coming to the desired conclusions the supervising professor wanted, and most importantly, I talked about the discrimination I personally experienced as a right-winger in university. Time after time, I had had an unnecessary amount of push-back and even hostility when I contributed even something remotely right of center in class. As soon as I revealed myself politically in classes, I would receive a significantly different reaction from that of the twenty-year-old progressive feminist regurgitating the usual talking points  or even a male conservative  that would receive only a nod of approval from the professor. My outburst ultimately did nothing, of course, and the professor's response was to sidestep and go on about something completely different, as if nothing I said actually happened. 

Trump Getting Played By China

June 1st, 2018 | Brevinski

Trump's tough stance on trade with China has put a bitter taste in the mouths of the men who occupy China's highest offices. As Trump is showered with praise from his supporters and Republicans at home for making Kim Jong-Un heel and China whimper, China may have some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to diminishing Trump's foreign affairs prowess in order to wield more influence over the American president. Just as North Korea began dismantling its nuclear facilities and inviting journalists to watch future deconstructions, right before the anticipated summit, things began to fall apart. Doubt was cast on the summit by both North Korea and Donald Trump for reasons involving joint military exercises in the Korean peninsula. The annual exercises between the United States and South Korea were called a “provocation” by the North before the North postponed inter-Korean talks scheduled within the third week of May, before the anticipated June 12 summit in Singapore.

June 7: Ontario's Liberal Era Ends

June 1st, 2018 | S.P.

Upon the publishing of this, Ontario voters will be one week away from ending an era of corrupt and destructive Liberal rule. The end of the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne posse from hell will be welcomed with open arms. An undoing of ideology was supposed to have taken Ontario by storm, but with a conversion to the hard left, it looks as though Ontario may be eager to make its situation worse with an NDP government. Liberalism, like many destructive ideologies, has destroyed itself in the minds of Ontario voters. There will not be a return to these horrific and destructive policies for a long, long time if Doug Ford is elected. However, if the socialist New Democrats are elected, Ontario will be headed for a much quicker spin down the drain into oblivion. 

Stop Calling Ape Jokes Racist

June 1st, 2018 | T. Carter

In America's days of slavery and with the birth of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, a "scientific" justification for the enslavement of Africans and blacks was that they were sub-human and genetically inferior to whites. The theory was that blacks were genetically more similar to apes and that their cranium structure was different and more similar to primates. If you remember Django Unchained and Calvin Candie's description of the "negro" skull, you would be remembering a terrible piece of American history in which scientists and doctors tried to claim the biological inferiority of blacks using debunked, false science. It is because of this racially deplorable history that sensitivities to ape references among the African American community are red hot in 2018. However, clinging to historical prejudices of this nature is far from progressive and expressing outrage over such jokes and references only acts to validate the racism and faulty science from the past. 


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