May 1st, 2016 | J. Hodgson

Brown's Carbon Tax Can Work

May 1st, 2016 | M. Menuck

As depressing as federal politics may be at this time in Canada, with our Prime Minister engaging in a disgustingly staged smarty-pants show before the national media when he isn’t performing yoga poses before our international allies, those of us fortunate to live in the province of Ontario can at least find some solace provincially. After a near decade and a half in office that has seen the once mighty economic engine of the country reduced to have-not status with a public debt rivaling that of such fiscal basket cases as California and Greece, Ontarians finally seem to be tiring of the Liberal government. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating consistently polls in the low twenties and the projections consistently show the Progressive Conservatives on track to win a majority government.

How To End The Bathroom Debate

May 1st, 2016 | R. Rados

There is a pub in Calgary called Roosevelt. It's on the most famous street in the city and has interesting bathrooms and a great blackened chicken sandwich. Their bathrooms still have gender signs separating them, but when you walk inside there are separate, fully walled stalls with doors. Inside each stall is a toilet and a sink. There are no flimsy dividers and the stalls are fully separated by walls and locking doors–no gaping spaces at the top and bottom. The stalls are their own rooms. The same type of stalls can be found across Europe. This is the simplest and most logical design for any bathroom and it should be the standard. Change rooms at Wal-Mart and Target can be (and usually are) designed the same way.

Trump Will Take From Bernie

May 1st, 2016 | T. Carter

As both the GOP and Democrats trudge forward, fractures are emerging on the left as Bernie Sanders threatens to stay in the race until the end. What was once a happy-go-lucky party of communists and moderate liberals singing Kumbaya, is now a mirror of the Republicans under Donald Trump. The rogue candidate threatening to demolish the status quo is a reality in both worlds. The difference is that only one of the rogues will win their party's nomination. Come November, it is becoming more and more possible that disenfranchised Democrats who oppose TPP and the pay-to-play politics in the Democratic establishment could shift their support to Donald Trump.

Cullen Is The Next NDP Leader

May 3rd, 2016 | R. Rados

Nathan Cullen will be the next leader of the New Democrats. You don't need to be a clairvoyant to know that. All you need is an eye for politics and an understanding of the NDP's desperation and desire to be drawn back into their batshit crazy history. There were an endless array of contenders before the 2015 election, but they all lost their seats. That doesn't prevent them from being able to seek leadership, but it also doesn't help their chances. After the party's obliteration, the only person left standing with enough ideological fanaticism, clout, recognition and batshit lunacy is Nathan Cullen.

Regina Needs A New Mayor

May 5th, 2016 | D. Stone

There is a civic election approaching this October and the Queen City needs a shake-up. Being a frequent visitor and former resident of Regina, I can clearly and confidently say that it's time for a change. The Fiacco league of councillors and cohorts need to go and there is no better way to send them packing than with the democratic process. Last June, I wrote about Regina's failures under bad leadership and the construction of a new sports stadium that the city and its taxpayers don't need. Both backlash and support were swift and I received hate mail and requests for interviews from reporters. I don't do interviews, especially if I know I'm going to be backhanded by the media, and I respond to hate mail honestly. The issue of having a stadium built on the backs of taxpayers while infrastructure crumbles seems to be a polarizing one.

Inclusive Conservatism

May 10th, 2016 | A. Marshall

This year’s 2016 Conservative Party Convention being held in Vancouver May 26-29 will be closing in on the 10 year anniversary of that declaration made by Stephen Harper. Now is the time for the party to truly close this door and turn a new page. In January, at the Alberta Congress, Alberta’s Fort McMurrary-Cold Lake and Edmonton West Electoral District Associations (EDAs) co-sponsored a proposal to delete the outdated definition of traditional marriage – between one man and one woman – from the Conservative Party policy book. In an attempt to strike a balance among party members, the proposal also includes a resolution to add language to support the rights of faith based organizations.

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