May 18th, 2019 | RR

What Alberta's Election Tells Us

May 3rd, 2019 | C. Wang

Last month I wrote a piece about Things I Hate About Elections and I concluded by deciding not to vote. I changed my mind. I live in a riding that had Derek Fildebrandt running against Leela Aheer and I noticed that Fildebrandt signs were popping up everywhere. I made the classic dumb-voter mistake in allowing election signs to influence my perspective. Election signs are so low-end and trash, and yet...Derek had many of them scattered throughout the riding. I didn’t want to be represented by a fringe party and the threat of voters voting ignorantly based on name recognition was too high. So I voted. But my initial instinct was correct...Leela won in a landslide so I may as well not have bothered. Here’s five other hot takes that nobody has written about now that the flow of NDP poison has stopped…

Thank God, Joe Biden Is Running

May 3rd, 2019 | Spartacus

Donald Trump's chances just improved. Creepy Joe Biden, the guy who likes to nuzzle women and whisper sweet nothings into their ears, is running for president. Salon recently pointed out how Biden launched his campaign by referring to Trump's comments about the Charlottesville riots, highlighting Trump's alleged sympathy for “white supremacists”. Strangely, though, Biden didn't mention anything about Trump's comments about grabbing women by their pussies. Maybe that whole ship has sailed and Biden didn't think it would be effective, or—maybe Joe Biden knows he isn't in any position to comment on sexual misconduct. Either way, if Biden wins the Democratic nomination, any attacks on Trump's history of being a creep will lose their merit. If Biden wins, we get to spend all of 2020 watching Democrats shrug off acts of sexual impropriety and inappropriate behaviour. Stroking a ten-year-old girl's hair and whispering in her ear? No big deal, that's just uncle Joe being uncle Joe. 

Jason Kenney Is A Necessary Evil

May 3rd, 2019 | R. Rados

I don't dislike Jason Kenney, but I don't trust him either. The bottom line is that Jason Kenney needed to beat the NDP and we needed someone like him to unite the right. For most Albertans, it wasn't even a question. Jason Kenney is now the premier, not because we like him, but because we need him. In my opinion, someone else from the federal ranks could have pulled it off, but that didn't happen. Kenney is a career politician, which makes me automatically wary, but I have always admired his political competence. His leadership non-scandal, involving Jeff Callaway, was exactly what I would have expected from a competent and Machiavellian politician like Kenney—I was just shocked he let it get leaked. If Kenney applies this kind of strategy and mastery to leading Alberta against Justin Trudeau, he might grow on me.

Trudeau Is Buying Feminist Votes

May 6th, 2019 | S.P.

I'm not sure about you, my friends, but I have never actively stigmatized my wife or two daughters for that "thing" that happens to their bodies every month. Nor would I imagine that buying their menstrual products with my own money would somehow do anything for them but lighten their monthly expenses. Do not get me wrong, I have indeed forked over many Canadian dollars to buy my wife her monthly stigma products during our twenty-year marriage, never asking for her to reimburse me. However, I don't remember that curing her of the unfortunate "problem" which has been partly responsible for the reproductive system that gave us our two beautiful daughters.  As a husband, I have no problem helping my wife. Voluntarily, we husbands do many things for the women we love. This does not mean that paying for all women's menstrual needs should be our responsibility.

Trudeau's Arrogance Is Boundless

May 3rd, 2019 | S.P.

The dainty halfwit's arrogance has reached new limits, or shall we say, it has become boundless over the past few weeks. My friends, in case you are new here and wondering, the "dainty halfwit" in question is our beloved Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Last week, he was able to show Canadians that his arrogance and shameless pandering have absolutely no bounds. As devastating floods wreaked havoc on Ottawa and surrounding areas, our dainty halfwit took it upon himself to exploit the situation for photo-ops and campaigning. After intereferring in a sandbagging operation for a shameless photo-op of himself tying together one, single sandbag while wearing a neatly pressed shirt and dress pants, Trudeau took it upon himself to use the flooding as a way to exploit fears and political ambitions relating to climate change.

From April:
The Rot Of Modern Feminism

April 1st, 2019 | Spartacus

Modern feminism teaches women to pass the blame for their hardships to a wider, systemic problem that exists outside of their reach. It teaches women to be victims rather than fighters. This regressive ideology is spreading to the general population like a parasite, convincing young women and teens that men and their patriarchy must be knocked down and that equal opportunities must be replaced by equal outcomes. Modern women are being taught to ask the government to help them get ahead by implementing gender quotas and by fixing the wage gap. Women are being taught to elect bureaucrats who promise to make their lives easier. Unfortunately, most of these bureaucrats are men and the causes of classical feminism are being walked back by the ambitions of modern feminists. Classical feminism taught women to play by man's rules and to beat men at their own game. Modern feminism teaches women to embrace victimhood and to elect male politicians who will change the rules for them.



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