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 Most Read Of 2014:

Following The Anti-Oil Money | R. Rados

Journalist James O'Keefe recently tricked actors Ed Begley Jr. and Mariel Hemingway into accepting fake Middle Eastern money to help fund an anti-fracking film in Hollywood. Neither Begley or Hemingway knew they were being duped and secretly filmed. Both actors agreed to hide the fact that their film would be funded by Middle Eastern interests. O'Keefe also captured Hollywood producers explaining methods of hiding the funding, referring to various “non-profit groups” that would help keep Middle Eastern funding under wraps... Read

Calgary Punishes Its Poor | R. Rados

All mobile home parks in and around Calgary are currently full. But Carra assured Midfield's senior residents that they shouldn't worry, because Calgary would have more mobile home parks in the future. Carra also assured Midfield's elderly residents that there would be more affordable housing opportunities available in three years. As the CBC notes, plans for a future mobile home park on 84 Street NE have been scrapped and there aren't many known plans currently in the works... Read

Media Chews Up Harper And Mulcair | D. Stone

If anyone unfamiliar with Canadian politics were to watch the CBC or read anything published by Postmedia, they would believe that the Liberal Party was the official opposition. In Canada's current media environment, it seems easy to forget that Thomas Mulcair is the real leader of Canada's official opposition. Just the same, it seems easy to believe that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are corrupt, out of touch, and incapable of doing anything right... Read

Master Economist And Strategist | J. Hodgson

Stephen Harper is from the now legendary Calgary school of economic and political thought. This is a copy of Stephen Harper’s master thesis. Has no one read it and maybe  I don’t know  used their imagination as to how it might apply to what he’s going to do as Prime Minister? I know it’s a heavy read and it focuses on business cycle policy, which is pretty boring stuff, but dig into it a little and you get a glimpse into material that interested Harper enough that he dedicated years of his life to writing about it... Read

The Corruption Of Liberalism | T. Carter

During the Enlightenment Movement, liberalism was what defined freedom from oppression and helped break the hold of monarchy. Since then, liberalism in America has shifted to an ideology of control and oppression. Free thought and personal liberty are no longer what define liberalism. Liberalism has done a u-turn in America and become a platform for moving backwards toward the same policies that were successfully escaped in the 18th century. The worst part of this is that Americans from all walks of life are embracing such intrusive and outrageous policies... Read

28,000 Birds And Counting | K. McGregor

The Ivanpah Solar Plant, co-owned by Google and launched on February 13 at Ivanpah Dry Lake near the California-Nevada border, has turned into a bird incinerator, killing 28,000 birds (71 different species) in 6 months. There has hardly been a peep from the news media and environmentalists, unlike the huge outcry in 2008 when Syncrude tailing ponds in the Alberta oil sands killed 1600 ducks. Syncrude was trashed and demonized for months with calls to close down the entire project... Read 

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