August 1st, 2019 | RR

Alberta: Alternatives To Separation

August 1st, 2019 | JH

We need to get back to the '90s vibe of complaining about how Canada sucks. In the '90s the “brain drain” was a big problem. Remember the brain drain? Basically, so many young people were leaving Canada for the United States that it was creating a culture of anxiety amongst the chattering class. Our dollar was only worth 62 cents and our taxes were crushing… yes… worse than now. It all added up to a slow deterioration of Canada’s brand. In Western Canada it was common to have a hate-on for Canada. I remember reading about sports events taking place and people questioning why we bother singing the national anthem. Jean Chretien was our Prime Ministerial embarrassment and the alienation in the West was palpable.

All Democrats Are Radicals, All Radicals Are Democrats

August 1st, 2019 | TC

America currently has more jobs and less citizens who are legally able to work. This has benefited America's black community the most, by creating a high demand for labor and work in some of America's most impoverished communities—which also happen to be mostly black and Latino communities. Across the rust belt and South, more white Americans are also employed than ever before. Low unemployment rates have benefited all of America. From race to race and from culture to culture, more Americans have steady employment and income than ever before. Under a policy of open borders, a $15 minimum wage and higher taxes, America would see a return to the pre-Trump era of economic weakness and high unemployment. 

Using The People's Party To Defeat Fake Conservatives

August 1st, 2019 | SP

I, my friends, am no fan of Maxime Bernier or his party, but if the Conservative candidate or MP in my riding was a liberal posing as a conservative, I would vote for a PPC candidate. There are a few liberal Conservatives in Ottawa that deserve to lose their seats in the next election and it is the People's Party that can help make that happen, either by electing a PPC candidate or by splitting the vote. Yes, you read that correctly—I said, splitting the vote in certain ridings. It is by no means something that I would encourage nationally, but it is something I would encourage as a means to cleanse the Conservative ranks. Swapping a fake conservative for another liberal is of no consequence, so we should use Maxime's party to get rid of the ones we know will not serve our agenda in Ottawa. If we get lucky and elect PPC candidates, all the better.

Yes, Nazism Is Socialism

August 4th, 2019 | RR

Germany during World War II can't be considered a socialist nation, but the Nazi Party was a socialist party at its core. Academics will always teach history based on Germany's brief direction under Adolf Hitler during the war, without fully teaching the overall purpose, goals and principles of the National Socialist German Worker's Party. It's through this short history and limited scope that we're made to believe that the Nazis were right-wing when, in fact, the Nazis and Adolf Hitler were socialists who used privatization, slave labour and authoritarian policies as a temporary means to quickly build an army to conquer Europe. Their overall goal was to build a socialist ethnostate designed around an ideal race and culture.



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