August 13th, 2017 | T. Carter

Mobs On Demand: About Paid Protesters

August 6th, 2017 | R. Rados

We've seen the flying fists and shouting matches across America and Canada. We've seen the hordes of black-clad thugs throwing bricks, shouting people off stages and shutting down public events. We've seen them organize and coordinate in ways that most savages can't. Just like the barbarians who sacked Rome, they're driven by their shared hatred of other people's wealth and success. This is reflected and proven not only by their Marxist symbols and black flags, but by the fact that their services are available at such low costs. These thugs and savages who throw bricks and shout down peaceful people aren't wealthy or successful—they're poor, jealous and starved for money and ways to vent their anger. This is what makes the business of supplying crowds so successful.

Get Ready For The Next Recession

August 1st, 2017 | J. Hodgson

As with most things in life, the likely explanation is that something else is indeed going on. A possible clue can be found over at The Greater Fool blog with a post from June 29. The theory is that Trump administration folks aren’t happy with Canada’s trade advantage due to our 75 cent dollar. This gives Canadian business a 25% cost advantage when doing business across the border. The rumour is that some back channel pressure was applied on Canadian officials. If we didn’t strengthen our dollar then NAFTA would be even more of a political hot potato than it already is. In other words, strengthen your currency or we come at you on trade like you won’t believe. The Liberals then extended this message to the Bank of Canada and suddenly the data started showing that, yes, perhaps the time is right to finally raise interest rates after all! Funny that!

Trudeau Betrayed First Nations

August 1st, 2017 | M. Menuck

Of all Trudeau’s lapsed promises, however, the most condemnable has to be the ones he made to Canada's First Nations. Trudeau promised to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People in its entirety before having even read the final wording of it; when he did so it turned out that his declaration had been premature and, in fact, the resolution would not be adopted into Canadian law after all. Trudeau pledged to initiate a public commission and inquiry into missing Canadian First Nations women. Months later, the commission is mired in scandal as its leading members have quit in protest over it being little more than the public photo op that its critics always alleged it would be.

The Glorification Of Victimhood

August 1st, 2017 | Liberty 5-3000

As much as Manning and Campbell’s article is informativeand I highly recommend you read itit evidences the blind spots brought about by academia’s one-party system. Something not entertained by the authors, was the idea of individual personal identity, which in my view, is at the root of the rise of the modern Social Justice Warrior movement. While most humanities disciplines, and Sociologists more specifically, hold to the adage that those on the right have an inability to see the forest for the trees, (i.e. we consider the individual, only to miss the collective or larger trends), it doesn’t detract from the fact that individual identities are under attack, with people forced to latch onto anything passing their way in order to feel a sense of purpose, meaning and identity. As much as we have inclined towards collectivism in recent years, individualism is still very much alive.

Ten Ways Conservatives Do It Better

August 1st, 2017 | Liberty 5-3000

The study, which took 171 men’s measurements and noted their physical activity, concluded that not only were muscular men more likely to agree with the statement that some social groups should dominate others, but also found that “the number of hours actually spent in the gym was also linked to having less egalitarian socioeconomic beliefs”. It’s no secret that our fire departments, military and police forcesall jobs that require traditional masculine strengthare overwhelmingly comprised of those on the political right. While it was unclear to the researchers whether political beliefs determined gym attendance, or whether gym attendance shaped political views, it should be said that whenever you’re looking for a much-needed break from the male-feminist types, you can probably find a couple hour’s refuge at the gym.

The Trump-Sessions Feud Is A Ploy

August 1st, 2017 | T. Carter

Trump's public criticism of Sessions is out of the ordinary and should seem strange to people who have been paying close attention. Trump has rarely gone out of his way to dedicate early morning tweets, New York Times interviews and press conferences to castigating anyone but his most mortal enemies. Some of his slightly less loyal supporters have never faced the same barrage of criticisms that Jeff Sessions has faced over the past few weeks. Let us not forget that Trump just hired and fired Anthony Scaramucci—a guy who once called him a hack—to be his director of communications, without saying one negative thing about him. Trump has always shown respect and loyalty to former foes who have expressed regret and apologized. Since hiring Scaramucci, Trump has lobbed no public criticisms at Scaramucci, despite Scaramucci being one of Trump's harshest critics in the past.


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