Volume 39 - April 2015


Why Conservatives Should Cut GST | J. Hodgson

It further robs the provinces of the ability to raise their own taxes in order to offset something like an income tax cut. What’s the point of Harper promising to lower income taxes if Premiers across the country negate it, by making up the difference in provincial income taxes? The tax cuts starve the Federal government, but don’t get into the wallets of ordinary people. Harper eats the revenue loss, but doesn’t receive any credit in the eyes of the normal voter. A GST cut gives people their money back and Harper takes the credit... Read


Money, Hegemony And Oil Prices | R. Rados

The Nixon administration accomplished two very important things that have allowed the United States to exercise control in the Middle East and around the world. First, Nixon made the USD a floating fiat currency, meaning it could no longer be converted into gold and vice versa. Second, he created a new partnership with Saudi Arabia in which the Saudis agreed to sell their oil on the global market in US dollars. Today, all oil is bought and sold only in US dollars. This essentially means that the USD went from being backed by gold to being backed by oil... Read

Why Ted Cruz Can Win | T. Carter

Liberals across America have begun to pour tears while Democrats have put together a fear campaign aimed at prematurely ending Ted Cruz's bid for the White House. His early announcement caught them all off guard, but his strategy is a testament to his brilliance. Not only are Democrats worried, the Republican establishment has probably invested in a full year's supply of diapers. Ted Cruz's early efforts have Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker scurrying to put together an offensive and Republican strategists scurrying to create the perception... Read

The Three Pawns | K. McGregor

Not one of the main three parties have any real objections to belonging to NATO, an organization that is having an ever-increasing influence on our Canadian way of life. Whether you like it not, all three parties want to participate, so it doesn't matter who you vote for. All parties subscribe to NATO's 300 page non-binding and voluntarily Agenda 21 that was born in Reo de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. Like all documents, there is opposition, but Agenda 21 is still being carried out. This document has far-reaching effects on our country, like combating poverty, changing our... Read

Elizabeth May, BC's Crazy Cat Lady | D. Stone

There's been several reasons to think of Elizabeth May as unhinged, but a lot fewer reasons to deem her worthy of holding public office. Most of her crazy antics have happened while she has been in public office, representing the people of Saanich–Gulf Islands in British Columbia. What that actually says about the people of Saanich–Gulf Islands is hard to pinpoint, but the fact that May tried in other ridings before winning in Saanich–Gulf suggests that the people there saw something in her that voters in Cape Breton Highlands, London North Centre and... Read

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Building Bandwagons | R. Rados

Just because a news source is presenting a seemingly biased political opinion doesn't mean that their facts aren't accurate. News and facts can be presented with a slant and still be accurate. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and sometimes the only tools available to sift through the distortions are a few simple questions. The distortions within political polling have been a good example of how a little bit of research and a few good questions can peel back the layers of deceit. Political polls always end up doing three things. One, they create a ... Read

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