Volume 40 - May 2015


How To End Pot Zealotry | R. Rados

Like most blossoming religions of peace, the roots of Green Messiah worship are deeply embedded in a dogmatic and unwavering faith in a higher power. To most pot-heads, speaking ill of their godly green deity is considered blasphemy. Some weed zealots will even resort to hostility when confronted with scientific facts that discredit the myths about their immaculate, green Jesus. In more ways than one, pot-heads are just like the zealots of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and AtheismMedia and internet warriors are the first to bombard us with links to scientific... Read


Conservatives Don't Lose With A... | J. Hodgson

As weird as it sounds for many conservatives, a lot of NDP supporters hate the Liberal Party because they view it as right-of-centre. There is a general mainstream feeling that the Liberals are left and the Conservatives are right. However, in the minds of ardent left-wingers, the Liberals are right and the Conservatives are bat-shit crazy. Only the NDP offers a proper left-wing option. A merger will cause them to drop out or switch to the Green Party. Less than half would vote Liberal as a second choice. The NDP in its current form has been around since 1961... Read


Alberta: What Should Happen | R. Rados

Cutting the size of government is the best idea, no matter which province you live in. However, even the most conservative economists would agree that massive cuts during a decline in economic fortunes is not the correct approach. Alberta's government should have been downsized while the going was good. During the past decade, instead of cutting salaries and incrementally skimming away government fat, the Progressive Conservatives have done the opposite. The more they earned, the more they spent. Those were the days of Ed Stelmach and Alison Redford... Read


Good Old Ralph Goodale | K. McGregor

Unfortunately, Goodale's lack of experience has led him to make some questionable comments. One such comment was in 1997 when Alberta Premier, Ralph Klein, suggested that the Kyoto agreement could not move ahead without the help of the provinces. Goodale immediately bullied Klein for his statement. With his law degree in tow, Mr. Goodale made a basic error about the Canadian constitution by threatening unilateral action on global warming, but Klein was right. The Liberals needed cooperation from the provinces. But we can't... Read

Deja Vu In Alberta | K. McGregor

Today, Albertans like Peter Lougheed and the public in 1971, think Alberta can do a lot better. With the oil wealth squandered, health care in a mess and a looming billion dollar debt and high taxes, it's an embarrassment to Albertans who prided themselves on being fiscally responsible. Unfortunately, like Harry Storm and the Social Credit Party, Jim Prentice is out of tune with Albertans. His answer to fixing Alberta's financial mess is to increase taxes, pile on the debt... Read

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Following The Anti-Oil Money | R. Rados

Canadians should consider that Canada has also become a significant economic threat to the United States. Organizations like ForestEthics are indirectly funded by American billionaires like Tom Steyer and receive official support from the Tides Foundation, an organization funded by several international enterprises. ForestEthics is one of the American organizations responsible for tying up the Northern Gateway by filing lawsuits against the National Energy Board and Federal government. Another organization funded by Tides... Read

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