October 1st, 2018 | R. Rados

Early Polling Data Has No Value

October 1st, 2018 | J. Hodgson

Political polls are presented to the public as a regular snapshot of how Canadians are considering voting if an election were held today. This is then analysed as a value judgement for or against the political parties polled. So for instance, if the Conservatives are polling lower than usual, then media pundits will talk about the trouble that the Conservatives find themselves in and search for a reason as to why this might be the case. They postulate about voter concerns and missteps regarding whatever news of the day may be happening. The pollsters themselves often make a point of reminding everyone that a poll is not a prediction, but simply a real-time picture of how people are currently feeling about politics. This allows them to provide information without being accountable for any conclusions. Polls then function as a both a measurement of political success and horserace entertainment for political media shows and articles.  

There Will Be Blue

October 1st, 2018 | T. Carter

If Democrats take the House Of Representatives next month, impeachment proceedings will be sure to begin no later than next summer. If Democrats also take the Senate, Donald Trump faces a real possibility of being convicted and removed from office. People have pointed to the Mueller probe and Russian collusion as reasons for impeachment and conviction, but the entire probe has gone off the rails to include unrelated charges and offshoot investigations related to porn stars and Trump's personal business. The reasons for impeachment and conviction are growing. In fact, it could be expected that Democrats will file multiple articles of impeachment before Summer. If their numbers are narrow in the Senate and their arguments weak, they should be expected to file several articles of impeachment until one of them finally sticks to the wall. Even with a small, one-seat Republican majority in the Senate, Donald Trump's presidency would be at risk.

Does Canada Need Immigration?

October 1st, 2018 | C. Wang

Many European countries are old—ancient even. They have more history and culture and shared unity than Canada does. This makes assimilation and cultural change more difficult in those regions than it does for Canada. Quick history of Canada. It was a hunter-gatherer society of Indian tribes for thousands of years. Then French people set up an outpost in 1534. Brits and French spent three hundred years fort building and fur trading and got us to the point where we became an official country in 1867. Now here we are. Whoop-dee-doo. Piling in thousands of immigrants at this point hardly threatens our “glorious” history of camping-style life, followed by modern “kind-of-like-America” culture. Up until the 1930’s we were considered British citizens. Our government is headed by a lady in England.

Hillary Clinton's Latest Hypocrisy

October 1st, 2018 | T. Carter

In closing, Hillary asks how we got to where we are. She again takes no responsibility for the state of American democracy. She takes no responsibility for rigging the Democratic Party's nomination process against Bernie Sanders. She takes no responsibility for taking debate questions from Donna Brazile. She takes no responsibility for selling America's uranium to Russia. She takes no responsibility for harassing and intimidating Bill Clinton's victims. She takes no responsibility for being friends with Harvey Weinstein and taking his money. She take no responsibility for calling half of America “deplorable”. This is the Hillary Clinton the left admires. This is the Hillary Clinton who sets the standards for American democracy. This is the Hillary Clinton we should all be ashamed of.  


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