May 14th, 2018 | R. Barzilai

Tories Can't Rely On A Strong NDP

May 1st, 2018 | C. Wang

There’s a myth in Conservative circles that in order for a centre-right party to win a federal election, it requires a strong NDP in order to split the left-wing vote with the Liberals. Stephen Harper’s one-and-done majority win in 2011 suggests this is the case. The last time the Conservatives won a majority before that, was 1988 when Brian Mulroney got a second term due in no small measure to Ed Broadbent’s NDP having their best showing up to that point in history. With Jagmeet Singh as the new leader of the NDP, the Conservatives can’t rely on a strong NDP having big numbers of voters pulling ballots from the Liberals. Jagmeet is going to offer a different sort of foil to the Liberals and the Conservatives are only going to be able to exploit this development if they embrace a new strategy.

Should Alberta Join Montana?

May 1st, 2018 | J. Hodgson

Outrage over Alberta’s treatment at the hands of Canada is a casual hobby for people, but no one is ever truly motivated to move forward on actually doing anything about it. When times get tough, like they were in the early 80’s, some political traction can occur. In 1982, Gordon Kesler won a seat in the Alberta legislature sitting as a member of the Western Canada Concept party for example. These anomalies never gain traction though, as Albertans are essentially Canadian at the end of the day and thus, too timid to do anything revolutionary. If Albertans and their relative comfort is in anyway threatened they retreat to the status quo... even if the penalty for doing so is high. Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist and author of numerous books, thinks the penalty for remaining in Canada is going to get really, really high for Alberta. His main factor is demographics. Since Alberta is a younger and more productive province, saddled with the horrendous burden of carrying an older and unproductive Canada on it’s back...the pressure for a “non-Canada” solution will grow. 

Destroying Gender And Facts

May 1st, 2018 | S.P.

There is no shame in being a boy and growing up to be a man, but this is something we will never hear our educators tell our children. Those days of being honest and honestly trying to guide children who may be grappling with gender confusion or dysphoria down the right path are forever gone. Educators across Canada are being mandated to teach gender fluidity and to aide, rather than to repair, any notions of shame, guilt or confusion that may come with being a young boy. Those such feelings, of course, are being embedded into the minds of children through pop culture—they are feelings of uncertainty, confusion and shame related to gender and you will find them being encouraged in music, television, film and art. Walt Heyer has slowly been making in-roads into mainstream cycles with lectures and videos about the problems and troubles with transgenderism. Walt Heyer is a former transgender who reverted back to his biologically characterized gender after years of being guided down a path of gender confusion by educators, friends and his own grandmother.

Canada's Charter Has One Big Flaw

May 1st, 2018 | R. Rados

If you thought your rights were protected from the whims of an angry mob, you haven't read Canada's Charter Of Rights. Chances are, your knowledge about Canada's Charter Of Rights is limited to what other people have told you. If you haven't actually read it, you might be unaware of the fact that any parliament in Canada can—with a simple majority—suspend your right to practice your religion, speak your mind, join a union, strike, and keep your privacy. This is something no one really talks about, but it's enshrined in Canada's totally flawed and ridiculous Charter Of Rights. The current incarnation of Canada's Charter is what you get when you let Liberals define your rights. According to Liberals, individual rights and freedoms are subject to the whims of democracy and emotional mobs. This is why Pierre Trudeau's government chose a radically different path from the United States when conceiving this totally idiotic and absurd excuse for a bill of rights. Unlike America's Constitution, Canada's Charter Of Rights guarantees nothing and protects no one.


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