Volume 38 - March 2015

Conservatives Lose With A Minority | D. Stone

Following a Conservative majority, massive Liberal gains and catastrophic NDP losses, Thomas Mulcair would most likely resign. The NDP would probably begin pondering what it has been asked to ponder for a long time: merging the left. A debate about merging or forming a coalition with Trudeau's Liberals would become the hottest topic during the party's next leadership race. If the New Democrats are more serious about defeating Harper than gaining power, they'll accept... Read


5 Things Media Wants Us To Fear | R. Rados

Aurora, Sandy Hook, Columbine and Virginia Tech. Those are familiar mass shootings in the United States. The foiled Halifax shooting in Canada is another one to add to the list. The times when guns and armed citizens have actually saved lives go mostly unmentioned by mainstream media. When Detroit's chief of police, James Craig, suggested that law abiding citizens should arm themselves, it should have caused controversy. It didn't, because US media barely made mention of itConveniently, around the same time of Craig's suggestion in January... Read

Giving Up On Fiscal Conservatism | J. Hodgson

Stephen Harper has bragged about how no new federal programs have been created since the great recession of 2008/09. The Liberals and NDP at the time, would’ve loved to have created big new programs that would serve to further socialize the country and spend taxpayers money doing so. Stephen Harper stopped that from happening, by targeting his stimulus spending on infrastructure projects that had an end date. Repairing roads, dredging harbours, renovating buildings...these sorts of things were long overdue anyway, and Harper ran deficits to do them... Read

Trudeau's Tax Binge | K. McGregor

The Liberal mission, as per their website, is to represent Canadians in Parliament, to realize the Liberal vision and to have Liberal values and principles embodied in the governance of our country. This hardly sounds like Justin wants to represent all Canadians. In fact, it sounds like the Liberal way or the highway. Since Trudeau won't tell us his platform until the 2015 election, when Canadians have very little time to digest what he has to say, Canadian's could end up with a government they know nothing about... Read

The Liberal Carbon Scheme | K. McGregor

Some time ago I saw an Insightrix poll that said about 65% of Canadians think climate change is happening because of both human and natural causes. This is probably where I would fit in, though more to the natural side of the poll. Lets face it, the climate has been changing for millions of years and it's not going to stop just because of what us humans do. Regardless of whether climate change is man-made or just cycles being driven by predictable changes in the Earth's orbit or caused by the sun, I don't understand Trudeau's persistence on pushing for a carbon... Read

drew barnes

Q & A With Drew Barnes | R. Rados

Drew Barnes is the only Wildrose leadership candidate who holds a seat in Alberta's legislature, but with two other competitors vying for the top job, he has his work cut out for him. Of late, the Wildrose has been marred by by-election losses and betrayals, but that hasn't stopped the party's faithful from keeping up the fight against Alberta's Progressive Conservative dynasty. Before the infamous floor crossing, Drew Barnes was the only candidate on the inside with a complete picture of what really happened. To give us some insight into... Read

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