Volume 37 - February 2015

Political Correctness Inc. | Spikey

This invisible government which polices the very habits and thoughts that created the culture of consumption is now managing a sustained culture of political correctness. As many modern American capitalists will tell you, money does not discriminate. The almighty and powerful dollar does not care what colour our skin may be or what god we may kneel to. It is man that discriminates on such lines. It is man who utters words and ideas that may alienate or segregate potential consumers. If corporations were to sell their products selectively to Anglo-Saxon, white Americans... Read

american sniper

The Politics Behind Sniper Criticism | T. Carter

After its first successful weekend, liberal Hollywood went on the offensive. Every weapon in the liberal arsenal came out after the film broke box office records. How dare Hollywood take such a turn and depict the American military and the Iraq war in such a different light? How dare the film wander so far from the traditional anti-American Hollywood narratives? How dare Clint Eastwood direct a successful war movie that doesn't negatively criticize the Iraq war in a way that isn't obvious enough for ordinary Americans to understand? What infuriated the liberal left... Read

Myth: Fiscally Conservative Social Liberal | C. Wang

The problem with the fiscally conservative social liberal cliche is that it doesn’t really mean anything, because pretty much everybody would define themselves in these terms. A libertarian and a socialist could both plop that line down and actually mean it. They’d then stare blankly in horror as the conversation continued and they realized how wrong they both wereThe majority of Canadians are, however, the exact opposite of fiscally conservative social liberals. When you ignore what Canadians say and instead look at what they... Read

Saskatchewan Is Still Behind | D. Stone

With all of its recent economic prosperity, it's easy to overlook the ways in which Saskatchewan is still falling behind the rest of Canada. It's been eight years since the New Democrats met their fate when Brad Wall's budding Saskatchewan Party bumped them out of the legislature. When sixteen years of archaic socialism finally appeared to come to an end, many thought the province would begin revolutionizing its economy and its culture. Eight years later, the clock is still ticking and Brad Wall's incremental and painfully careful... Read

Playing With Numbers | K. McGregor

It appears that Canadian high income earners are being tarred with the same brush as American high earners. In the US, the richest 1% of Americans took home 24% of the national income in 2010 and it's climbing. In Canada, the income of the 1% peaked at 12%, declining to 10.6% in 2011 during PM Harper's tenure. In fact, Kevin Milligan, an associate professor of economics at the University of British Columbia says Canada is actually bucking the trend toward a widening income gap between rich and poor. You would think this was good news for Liberals... Read

Featured Flashback: 

A Dark History Of The NDP | C. Pikeman

The goals of the NDP were set out in 1933 upon the creation of The Regina Manifesto. The Manifesto was eventually replaced with The Winnipeg Declaration to reflect a seemingly less radical version of the CCF's original platform which was largely rejected by Canadians. The Winnipeg Declaration was a more vague and watered down version of the original Manifesto and it used different language to outline what was essentially the very same goals that were originally set fourth by the CCFThe radical aspirations of the CCF have been exhibited... Read 

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