Volume 42 - July 2015

trudeau white paper

About Erasing Canada's First Nations | R. Rados

Abolishing Aboriginal status and assimilating Aboriginals is exactly what the residential school system aimed to do. We assume that the Trudeau government's intentions were good because they were based on an idea of equality. However, burning up legal treaties and stripping legal statuses shouldn't have been expected to end well during the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. The new proposals introduced by Indian Affairs Minister, Jean Chretien, were rejected by most First Nations leaders... Read

tim hortons

The Other Tim Horton's Mess | R. Rados

Most municipalities in Canada can't recycle coffee cups, not the Tim Horton's kind or the Starbucks kind. What makes Tim Horton's worse is that in most Tim's locations, you don't see non-disposable mugs and cups on a noticeable display like you do in Starbucks. The Roll Up The Rim contest just adds to Tim Horton's environmentally destructive model. Even if you own a Tim Horton's thermos or mug, you're still going to get a non-recyclable cup for their ridiculous contest. Conservatives usually shudder when they hear someone talk..... Read


The NDP's Expense Hypocrisy | T. Norris

For a party that owes roughly $4 million in inappropriate expenses to continuously harp on the Conservatives over Mike Duffy’s expenses, which were minuscule in comparison, is not only laughable, but also insulting to all Canadians. Futhermore, the NDP does not seem to believe that their inappropriate expenses are a big deal. The party offered to pay back only 10% of the expenses, but this was quickly rejected by the Board of Internal Economy. Thomas Mulcair... Read

leela aheer

Leela Aheer And Alberta's Future | J. Hodgson

It’s been two months since Alberta’s epic, election night status quo shake up. Much of the focus recently has been on Alberta’s new NDP government and the untested candidates, along with out-of-province advisors involved behind the scenes. For those of us myself included– who are bracing for the worst, we can take comfort in knowing that the official opposition is made up of representatives dedicated to maintaining the spirit of the Alberta Advantage... Read


Meeting A Libertarian, Dave Reesor | J. Hodgson

So back to the coffee shop. Dave and I discuss the history of Cultural Marxism and the indoctrination of young people in the public education system. Much of the social issues of the day are driven by herd mentality and political correctness. Dave finally outlines his idea for a public awareness campaign combined with a think tank structure called Let's Do It Ourselves. The website is brashly libertarian and aims to bring back the old school messages of traditional conservatism... Read

beggar thy neighbour

Beggar Thy Neighbour| K. McGregor

It's interesting to note that the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 was supposed to stop the disparities between countries by eliminating trade and capital barriers that was thought to have caused WWI and WWII. Ministers from the U.S., Britain and France met with representatives of 41 other Allied countries to lay the financial and economical basis for the world to follow after the expected defeat of Japan and Germany. The idea was to enable the US to print as much money as needed to rebuild war torn... Read

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