October 18th, 2019 | RR

Dear Canada, Don't Do It

October 10th, 2019 | TC

I contribute regularly to Poletical, but I mostly talk about what I know, which is American politics. Just in the past year, however, your Prime Minister has captured headlines around the world and American media has taken notice. I have heard about his trip to India, where he danced around in costumes and was made fun of by Indian media. I also heard about how he invited a Khalistani terrorist to a high level party—which, from what I know, is a giant no-no in India. I also heard about a big scandal involving a multinational corporation in Quebec, in which your Prime Minister interfered in a decision to allow the corporation to get off the hook on charges of corruption.

Ten Types Of Men Who Will Vote Liberal

October 1st, 2019 | CW

The reason Trudeau makes so many dedicated appearances at pride parades is because he’s desperate to gain the approval of homosexuals that are very proud of themselves. For those who may not be aware, homosexuals in Canada frequently march and dance in parades for the purpose of celebrating their homosexuality. They do this in order to assert that they are not ashamed of their sexual proclivities but are instead extraordinarily proud of them! Justin Trudeau aggressively courts this constituency and attempts to align himself with their interests in order to gain their approval and votes. Because this action is so explicit and the target is so specific, his efforts will likely be rewarded by this group of men.

Your Vote Doesn't Matter

October 1st, 2019 | CW

Now the moderates amongst us look at this situation and think the system is fine, but we just need better people within it…better politicians in other words. Slightly more strident people think we need some system reform. Michael Chong attempted this, but guess what? The system that propels these people into positions of wealth and power never really changes, because the people with the capacity to effect change aren’t incentivized to do it. The system works for them, right? As a result, the Canadian public is left with an increasingly sclerotic and ineffective system filled with grifters providing ever diminishing returns. 

Maclean's  Is Shamelessly Liberal

October 1st, 2019 | RR

Remember all those silly photo-ops and fumbles that have not only made Trudeau look ridiculous, but totally phony? Maclean's doesn't. In fact, they have such an anti-Conservative eye that anything related to Trudeau's various scandals and mishaps has vanished into a memory hole. Instead, they're focused on Andrew Scheer's highly scripted and choreographed campaign messages. Just days after the debate, Michael Fraiman wrote: “Reed and Gretchen might think Scheer’s the right guy; others will see through him as easily as we can see his script.” Fraiman's article then goes on to criticize Scheer's heavily scripted appearance at a domesticated suburban house...

Andrew Scheer Needs A GST Cut

October 1st, 2019 | JH

Tax cuts are a great motivator for people to vote, because they are pocketbook issues that people generally understand. The best tax cuts are usually income tax cuts and Scheer has added this to his platform (only to be copied by Trudeau), but the problem with this is that people don’t totally understand the nuances of income tax brackets and how it effects their lives. If you’re reading this, you’re probably incredulous at the idea that people don’t understand it, but look at the lack of traction Scheer’s income tax cut received. People don’t really understand. What they understand is consumption tax.

How A Surprise Conservative Majority Happens

October 1st, 2019 | EZ

Remember when Jean Chretien won a slim majority in 1997? This was due in large part to a centre-right vote split between the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform Party. In fact, throughout much of modern Canadian history, having two parties on the right of the political spectrum has divided the vote and allowed the Liberals to come up the middle. In the 1970s it was the Social Credit Party that siphoned votes from Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark. In the 1990’s it was Reform/Alliance versus the Progressive Conservatives.

End Foreign Aid, Help Canadians

October 5th, 2019 | RR

Andrew Scheer is the first federal leader to propose cutting foreign aid by significant amounts—by one quarter to be exact. By promising to cut foreign aid by 25% and freeze funds that go to dictatorships and wealthy nations, Scheer is on the right track. I haven't seen this good of a Conservative proposal since Stephen Harper's GST cut. The proposal was one of the Conservative Party's most popular, judging by the number of times it was liked and shared on social media.

Justin Trudeau's Alternate Reality

October 6th, 2019 | SP

My friends, you may have noticed that our beloved prime minister and dainty half-wit-in-chief, Justin Trudeau, lives by an entirely different set of rules than you and I. While we are lectured and commanded to pay more taxes and drive less to cure the weather, Mr. Trudeau is flying around the country with two campaign jets. 

Justin Trudeau Is A Disaster

October 1st, 2019 | RR

Just as Liberals were starting to rebound from the SNC-Lavalin scandal, the blackface scandal hit the Liberals like a ton of cinder blocks. Even with Canadian media on their side, Trudeau's government and its clean-up crews were no match against American journalism—just as they were no match against Asian and European news outlets when Justin Trudeau's India trip made international headlines and became a global laughing stock. Complicit and incompetent Canadian journalists were forced to watch their preferred party take a well-deserved beating after spending years quietly sitting on news of Trudeau's history of wearing black make-up and mocking ethnic minorities.



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