November 1st, 2015 | J. Hodgson


An Anti-Harper, Liberal Government

November 1st, 2015 | R. Rados

Again, it was the Liberal bandwagon that benefited from the intense fire of hatred that both parties, all public sector unions, most mainstream news sources and several phony grassroots movements stoked for three months. Trivial issues like the niqab were used to reignite the “racist conservative” narrative among other stereotypical and anti-conservative narratives. When it came to defending against these false narratives, Harper and Conservatives failed. Instead, they focused on trying to convince Canadians that Justin Trudeau wasn't ready and that his policies would prove disastrous. 

Delusional Mulcair Won't Let Go

November 1st, 2015 | D. Stone

After leading the NDP to its most devastating loss in recent memory, Thomas Mulcair doesn't seem able to let go. It has been tradition in Canada for a failed party leader to resign following a significant loss of seats. Paul Martin did it, Stephane Dion did it, Michael Ignatieff did it, Stephen Harper did it, Gilles Duceppe did it and Saskatchewan's Lorne Calvert did it. Jim Prentice did it in Alberta and took it one step further by not only resigning his leadership, but also his seat.  

Conservatives Don't Have To Keep Losing

November 1st, 2015 | R. Rados

Conservatives of all stripes have been losing across Canada for over a decade while liberal and anti-conservative parties have been winning. The Ontario PCs couldn't defeat a scandal plagued Liberal government. No one can remember the last time conservatives were in charge of BC, Manitoba or most of the Atlantic provinces. Alberta's Wildrose couldn't defeat a scandal plagued, half century old Progressive government. That party couldn't even win one by-election during the PC's darkest days. A far left band of Chavez-obsessed socialists eventually had to get the job done. 

How About Harper Mountain?

November 1st, 2015 | J. Hodgson

The summit of Heart Mountain is limestone rich. Limestone is relatively easy to use for sculpture. Think of the legendary Sphinx in Egypt. Once we’ve changed the name of the mountain, the seeds will be sown for constructing a statue or carving a bust into the summit. A broader action committee consisting of geologists, sculptures and mountaineering experts will collaborate on the feasibility of creating Canada’s own Mount Rushmore.

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