Volume 43 - August 2015

chattanooga charleston

Two Shootings, Two Different Outcomes | T. Carter

Weeks after the Roof shooting, an Islamic sympathizer and jihadist named Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez opened fire at a military career center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing five US marines. Besides CNN and Fox News, most mainstream media and liberal super blogs denied that Abdulazeez was a jihadist and that his attacks were based on extremist, Islamic ideology. This was despite facts released by the FBI and local law enforcement, who had all deemed the shooting a "terrorist event" or terror attack. Not only did liberals deny... Read

stockholm calgary syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome In Calgary | T. Norris

In 2011, current Calgary Councillor, Andre Chabot, summed up Nenshi’s attitude as “quick with a judgment and a witty put-down” and went on to explain that Nenshi “often doesn’t do the homework to understand why a system or a program is the way it is”. It’s sad to see that not much has changed since Nenshi’s rookie year. He seems to take some kind of sick pride in making elitist statements in response to anyone who disagrees with his policies, rather than fairly and maturely debating such policies. Nenshi’s broken moral compass (or lack of any morality at all) has... Read

harper ideas

Ten Populist Ideas For Harper | J. Hodgson

Currently Parks Canada has a budget of about $660 million a year. The Conservatives have taken lots of grief for being frugal on this portfolio. It’s also a political football as we’ve seen with Ontario Liberals holding up Toronto's first urban national park in the name of “protecting the environment”. “Protecting the environment” is code for “leftists trying to stop things and make conservatives look bad”. So what to do? Put Harper in front of a beautiful backdrop of rugged outdoorsy Canadiana and announce the doubling of the Parks budget. Canadians understand that “doubling the budget” for something is impressive... Read


Edmonton Isn't A Bad Place For Women | T. Norris

Moving on, we observe the many ridiculous and irrelevant statistics that the CCPA attempts to use as justification to trash the City of Edmonton. Bev Esslinger is the only woman on city council, but she is far from being the only one who ran for city council in 2013. Karen Leibovici (a long-time Edmonton city councilor and now federal Liberal Party candidate) ran for mayor and finished second behind Don Iveson with 19.4% of the vote. While incumbents typically win in municipal elections, all incumbent women made the decision to not run... Read


An Anti-Harper, NDP Government | R. Rados

Irrational Harper hatred has been brewing since 2011, unions have been drawing their battle plans and the NDP have been sharpening their blades since Jack Layton's death. Students, unionized public servants, minorities and low wage workers are being recruited and riled up by an organized left. Unfortunately, that left is made up of two federal parties and all of their unions and “non-profit/non-partisan” organizations. Both the Liberals and the NDP will be stoking the same fire. When voters are frothing at the mouth with anger, they'll be compelled... Read

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Trudeau: A Conservative Dream | J. Hodgson

Stephane Dion’s zany green policy and Michael Ignatieff’s pandering to marginalized special interest groups is about to take a back seat. The Liberal Party is being forced back to the right of the political spectrum due to the endless success of Harper’s Tories. As much as it disgusts JT, he needs to parrot some non-progressive policy in order to comfort and welcome the more conservative minded Liberals that used to vote for Jean Chretien. This version of the Liberal Party will be much more appealing to mainstream voters than the last few versions. In the end? Right-wing... Read

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