March 16th, 2018 | G. Gordon

Tories Should Weaponize The Senate

March 1st, 2018 | J. Hodgson

If the Conservatives had a Senate majority like this in place right now, they could be stifling and delaying Trudeau's agenda at every turn. If Canada had a Senate like the United States does, then it would function less like an old boys club of rubber stampers and more like a second legislative body that requires negotiation and compromise. In the United States, the three branches of government are constantly struggling and the process creates gridlock... that’s the point! Canadian policy would benefit greatly from a reductionist federal activism. The principles of small government and less intervention would be on display every time a progressive policy is stalled by an insubordinate Senate committee. Conservatism and the principles of conservatism would be alive and kicking long after a temporary federal electoral defeat. For those with longer memories, just think of the trouble Brian Mulroney had dealing with Trudeau’s Liberal Senate in the late 1980’s. Now reverse the partisanship and times it by ten and that is the prescription I’m proposing.

Spy Agencies Should Hate Censorship

March 10th, 2018 | T. Carter

Censorship on almost every single social media platform is becoming the new normal in America. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Google are cutting out voices with dissenting opinions and views on a basis that has become so regular it is barely becoming a topic of discussion anymore. Problems of censorship go further than being a problem for individuals, it should be a problem for America's spy agencies, like the CIA and NSA. Facebook and Twitter became treasure troves of information for anyone who wanted to know anything about anyone. This happened once they surpassed 500 million users worldwide and became more valuable as they grew. The biggest of them all, Facebook, is worth more than its market valuation in information—with over 2 billion active users worldwide. The information that Mark Zuckerberg has become privy to is amazing. 

Everything Is Racist Because It Pays

March 1st, 2018 | R. Rados

There are people who make money whenever you get called racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic or Islamophobic. It might sound hard to believe, but modern social justice isn't something that grows organically out of the dirt—social justice has become an industry. There are activist and advocacy groups that rake in millions annually from fighting perceived injustices that have been manufactured for the very purpose of having something to fight against. It's a multi-million dollar industry built around making people believe that there are injustices happening all around them, all the time. This industry has reshaped our culture and our politics and created a whole new class of businessmen and politicians who benefit directly from perceived instances of widespread discrimination.

Why They're Really Attacking The NRA

March 1st, 2018 | T. Carter

It looks as though the Florida shooting at Stoneham Douglas High School was the trigger for the highest peak in gun hysteria that America has seen yet. Following the shooting, the NRA became the scapegoat and CNN flew in students from across America to hold enormous, televised town halls that targeted gun owners and the NRA in the most shameless manner ever seen. CNN was accused of scripting the questions and Twitter seems to have helped an NRA boycott trend on its platform by bumping tweets by verified accounts, as well as quickly verfiying a brand new account started by David Hogg. Stories about Broward County deputies cowaring outside while Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people have been shut down by every mainstream news network in the country. Hysteria about gun control and attacks on the NRA have peaked—but what comes next and why is the NRA public enemy number one?

Is Male Circumcision Barbaric?

March 1st, 2018 | S.P.

A significant ethical and moral discrepancy separates FGM from male circumcision in the West. In countries like Canada, FGM is illegal. Male circumcision has yet to be questioned as ethical or morally acceptable in countries like Canada. Many may question whether male circumcision is indeed “mutilation”, but that question should vanish into irrelevancy under the notion that consent must be required for most any surgical procedures in Canada. The very same warriors who panic when parents pierce or tattoo their children and family pets are the ones willing to continue giving male circumcision a free pass. The country of Iceland has planned to officially ban male circumcision and many other countries may soon follow. Both Jewish and Muslim leaders have condemned Iceland's attempts, while other nations like Germany and Finland have attempted to punish Muslim circumcisions.


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